collegebookworm (collegebookworm) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal Issues- big time

I bought my moon cup a few months ago, had issues using the instructions I was given, and had mostly given up until I was referred to this LJ community. Other folds? Sweet!

So this morning when my period showed up, I decided I would give my cup another go. And what do you know- second try with punch down and it's in, no problem! However, I noticed a little leakage and decided I should try taking it out once before going to work, just so I know I can do it, and then I could try reinserting for a better position.

Well- seems like my vagina likes to suck the thing up, because despite having not trimmed the stem, it was way up there. I checked on here for removal tips, and while I was able to bear down and reach the base, I couldn't get the suction to break. Period. I tried reaching all the way up, I tried pinching the base, etc, etc. And now I'm a little scared, because when I go to work today I won't be home for 12 hours or so, and I put it in almost 2 hours ago. And the first day of my period is generally pretty heavy, so I will definitely need to empty it during the day today. I have access to a private bathroom at work- any tips for me to try later in the day? I have to go to work, so I'm just going to try to figure this out later in the day...
Tags: first time use, removal, removal - painful or problems

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