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I did it! I converted someone to cup usage! I have been on the front lines since I got and loved my cup. Even when she leaks and I want to throw her...blood and all against the wall(hehe) I wouldn't trade her and go back to pads. NO way no how! So after some chatting over months now to a friend of mine I let her test run one of my cups. She fell in love and is so excited. She can SWIM now and do things she could never do (comfortably) before. She is purchasing a Divacup after reviewing the different cups and styles. Now I get my extra cup back.....:)

I am so happy another woman has become enlightened to the waste they will NOT contribute and self empowerment they will gain by using a cup. I have never been more in tune with my vagina in my life. I am so happy I helped the cup make its way person at a time.
Now onto my brothers not so interested gf!

I call my cup a her, don't mean to frighten anyone by them thinking I am the incredible hulk and throw humans. I am laughing so hard right now! I have had the giggles all flippin day!
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