hannahsapien (hannahsapien) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hello, long time watcher, first time posting!

So, after doing all the research I can on this whole concept, and reading all the wonderful things about it, I have decided that I want to get it a try! However, I am a bit nervous about the whole process and with so many brands out there I am just not too sure which one is right for me.

I rarely use tampon, mostly due to the discomfort, so I am a bit worried that I will have the same issues with this.
So...I guess I am just wondering if anyone had any brand preferences? Which ones are easiest to insert/remove? Which are soft and case the least discomfort? Best to prevent leakage?

Also, once I get the hang of using it and what have you, does anyone have an suggests on cleaning them in public restrooms?

I have looked though the memories and I could not really find ant entries that answered my specific questions, so if this is a bit redundant, I apologize!

Thank you!
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