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The Science of Not Leaking and an Intro

The Intro: (Skip if you wish to question) Hi all! First time post here. Cup user for almost 9 years - have tried both sizes of gum rubber keepers and smaller Diva. Keeper never worked well for me and kept giving me a yeast infection, and I tried the other size to see if the leaks were any better. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all. The Diva compared to the Keeper was a godsend because it was sooooo much better, and no yeasties! So that's my little cup bio. I got both sizes of the Diva when I got it a few years ago but only ever used the smaller size, the larger size is actually still in it's package and I doubt I'll ever use it. I ordered a Lunette because it seems as I approach 30 (I am 28) my insides are starting to behave differently when I am on my period. For example, my cervix rides lower than it ever used during that time, which sort of makes the whole of my insides seem "shorter", in other words the Diva got to where half the time it hangs 1/3 to 1/2 the way out anymore no matter how far I shove it up there before it opens... so it's just not working anymore. And I had minor leaks every single cycle with it, and it wasn't always comfy, poked me. To top it all off, the last 8 or 9 cycles I have had the WORST time getting the darned thing to open. It was mediocre for those few years but the last 8 or 9 months it has gotten to where I've had to use tampons because I had so much trouble with it. So, I got a Lunette hoping that it will solve the issues I had with the Diva... It's shorter, and meant for those of us 30 and over and such, little tab, but can still have a chance at holding the massive amounts of blood I can shed some days. I am hoping to get to finally be one of the lucky ones that are totally leak free. I have yet to try the Lunette with a cycle.

The Question: As I pondered which one to get (It came down to Lunette or MCUK - if the Lunette doesn't work I will try the MCUK next as finances allow) I wondered about the science of not leaking. Which brings me to the main point of this post. What exactly helps a cup not leak? Obviously, "a good seal" is the answer, so I guess I should be more specific... What exactly does a good seal consist of? How do you get one?  Is it the right amount of suction, or the size of the cup, or whether or not it pops open all the way, or a combination of all these things? If a combination of all these things, which of these things is more likely to influence whether or not it leaks? I'd really like to know so that in case the Lunette doesn't work out, I am better able to choose what to try next. But I'd also just be really interested in reading good discussions as to how and why a cup works in such a way that it doesn't leak. :) And more importantly, how to master this science for oneself to attain the ultimate leak free experience.

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