Madame Bonheur (amitabhbachchan) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Madame Bonheur

Has anyone else repurchased a DivaCup? I see a lot of posts about women who use menstrual cups from two different lines, but I bought a new DivaCup yesterday after leaving my first one at school. I bought the first one in 2005, and the new one is, like...squishier. The holes are larger, and the outside seems more textured, which don't concern me as much because I guess I'll just get used to them.

Does anyone know if the Diva people changed the materials they use to make the cup? I ask because I did a lot of research before buying one the first time and I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel using a cup made of something I don't know about :/ I was looking on the website, though, and I found this:

Due to government standards and the personal, hygienic nature of the product, a menstrual cup should be replaced once a year.

I feel kind of gross now for using the same one for three years :|

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