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I just wanted to post my excitement because there are few other people who would understand, but I wore white knickers yesterday! Day 2 of my period is the heaviest (not that I get particularly heavy bleeds), and using tampons the thread would inevitable wick the blood, or I'd leave it too long and forget. I've lost count of the number of leaks/stains I've had. Somehow I could never get the hang of pantyliners - they had a nasty habit of unsticking and twisting round on me.

I bought my UK Mooncup back in February, and am thrilled to bits with it. I love the fact I can put it in beforehand and don't have to worry about finding a loo when I feel it start. Last month I was on holiday in Italy with my Mum and I was really nervous because I'd never used it out of my home area, but it was fine. I felt my period start as I stepped onto a bus in the middle of rural Tuscany, but could be completely comfortable and confident. The fact that there is no waste means that it was *less* obvious than usual, and although I did take a handful of other supplies, I didn't think of them once!

So generally, a big WOOT for the mooncup!
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