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Ladycup v Lunette

Hi everyone,

I've been following this community for quite some time now and have searched through a lot of memories, but don't see anything that may help me. If you could direct me to some posts or leave some feedback, that would be awesome.

My problem is, I just got a ladycup. This is my first cycle on it and I am having some trouble. Whilst it's a very small cup, which I like, it's also way too squishy. As a result it doesn't seem to pop open with any sort of conviction when it's inside, and so I'm having some major leak issues. I've tried different folds, different positions, popping open higher, popping open lower and pushing up. Nothing seems to work :/ The main problem is that the cup is just way too squishy so I can't push it up with much ease as a result. Not only is the bottom of the cup too squishy, the stem itself is far too squishy to be of any use in the matter. Not to mention way too slippery to be able to pull it out with ease.

So my question is, have any of you switched from a ladycup to a lunette and had success? Does the LUnette pop open easier than the ladycup for you? I would prefer a smallish cup because if I try something longer, like a Diva, it's going to ride really low. The Ladycup itself rides kinda low sometimes and it makes it so I constantly have to pee since I can't push it upward. So I was wondering if getting a stronger cup that I can push upward easier, would help the situation? Not to mention the LUnette is a tad bigger. The stem on the Lunette, from pictures I've seen, also appears to be firmer than the one on a Ladycup. Is this really the case? Is the bottom of the Lunette itself also firmer? Thanks for your help in advance.

And any advice on the Ladycup would be much appreciated too. I would honestly prefer not to spend money on a different cup, but if I just can't figure this out, then I would prefer the Lunette as an altnertive.

Another thing that is bugging me about the Ladycup is the stem. I like the length right where it is now, which is not trimmed, but the edges of the end of the stem are VERY sharp. I've tried cutting little bits of the edge, without shortening the stem, and I've tried sanding the edges with a nail file. It didn't seem to help and is scratching my inner labia hardcore. I can't trim it because if I do then I will not be able to pull it out, and it's not sticking out anyway, so I shouldn't need to trim it. Is there any other method of stem trimming/sanding/something else that I can use to fix this problem? Is burning the edge of the end of the stem with a lighter an option or would that be a dumb idea?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Thanks for your tips so far everyone! I'm gonna work on figuring out some new folds (diamond fold, and try to improve on origami fold too), and try some other things to see how it goes. Once the water gets colder out here, that should help too.
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