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Diva miss-use

Hey everyone,
I bought a Diva bout 3 months ago, at first it worked ok, then during my second cycle it was terrible, it leaked everywhere and it wasn't even full, I checked everything.
I flipped it inside out, and it worked pretty great.
On to third cycle, and nope it does it again, leaks. So I fish it out and it has gone SIDEWAYS inside of me :S

Basically the only thing I can think of is both this cycle and last I happened to have fairly rough heavy PIV sex the day before my period (except this one, when I arrived a week early :S)
So I am thinking the heavy sexing is making my cervix move in weird places? Or something of that sort, am I going crazy, what else is going on?

I love the idea of the cup, my first cycle was awesome! But I can't keep having it let me down, today I cooped myself up in the house afraid to go out!
Tags: cervix position, divacup, insertion - painful or problems, leakage & spotting, sexual activity, teething troubles
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