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Suction Causes

I've been wondering what causes too much suction. The Keeper was my first cup and from the beginning the suction was so bad that I rarely used it. I completely gave up on it when I had one of those panicky moments where I thought I'd have to see a doctor to have it removed. =O At the time, I assumed it was because I had the larger size, so I replaced it with a small Diva cup.

The Diva cup had less suction, so again I assumed it was a size issue, but I wonder if the size of the holes plays a bigger role. My Keeper had super tiny holes and my Diva cup has holes that are easily cleaned with a toothpic. I could be way off base with this theory since so many people have had great success with the Keeper but I wanted to see what y'all think. I'm pretty sure my nethers are average, so I'm thinking I should be able to easily wear a larger cup.

ETA: To the girls with the Keeper, are the holes really tiny on yours? I wonder if mine was actually defective.
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