vengeful_muppet (vengeful_muppet) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My septate hyman broke! All on it's own! And a diva cup question...

First, I just want to celebrate. I've been having a crappy week. Then my period turned up, so I went to put in my divacup. Normally, I have to work around that annoying string of flesh, which can get painful and uncomfortable, and even worse when I take the cup out and the rim gets stuck in it (ouch!). But when I put my cup in, it was gone. Just a little stub of skin, but it was only attached at one end! I'm so happy about this. It's going to make cup use (and other penetrations down the line) a lot easier. My septate hyman was always something I worried about in the back of my mind, and I was worried I would have to get it snipped just to make any sort of penetration comfortable; Basically, I'm relieved and thrilled it just sort of wore out on its own. Phew.

Also, did the Diva Cup design change over the past couple of years? It seems there's an older model (I know someone who has it). The silicon doesn't seem as smooth and the owner says it leaks more. The logo is different on mine. I'm wondering how different they are (if there is a difference). Anyone here used both generations of Diva Cups?
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