sidewinder (sidewinder) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Endo & cup useage

OK, so, I have looked at the tags and previous discussions regarding a link (or not) between endometriosis and cup usage.

But I'm just wondering if anyone else out there (besides me) *has* suddenly developed endometriosis since going on the cup? Not saying that they are definitely linked, but...what I was originally diagnosed with as just an ovarian cyst now appears according to my doctor to be endo (though I still need to go finish testing & probably a lap to make sure it's not ovarian cancer). I started using a cup about 2 years ago, and *never* had any gyno problems until now.

So, yes, it could be a complete coincidence or just something catching up with me as I get older. But it does give me reason to be concerned, especially as I find these articles potentially linking the two which I had never seen before.

(And yes, I know that endo has existed since long before cups came along. So has cancer, for many centuries/millenia, but that doesn't disprove the fact that modern day chemicals/factors can increase incidence of the disease.)
Tags: endometriosis, health risks
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