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Mooncup making me pee more, or all in my head?

Hi girls,

I'm a new user to the wonders of the Mooncup (on my 2nd cycle) and I have a question which is making me a little anxious.
I'm prone to getting UTI's and I'm worried because everytime I use my Mooncup (B Size) I feel like I want to pee all the time. I'm not sure if this is in my head because I'm still new to it, or if it's actually a problem with the way I'm positioning the cup? Or I've also read that the cup size could be too big? I'm not sure how to solve that one short of buying a different brand, and that's going to be a little pricey. Has anyone had the same problem or have any suggestions?

Also, I have another question about sterilization. How often should I boil my cup? At the moment I boil it right before and soon after my cycle. Should I be boiling it in between or is my current 'routine' enough?

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