hana (ccoli) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady Cup; size issue

Hi, this is my first post on livejournal.
I've got my Lady Cup yesterday and tried it.

I feel so much better than mooncup(UK) which I used a few times.
I love the softness and flexibility of LadyCup.
However there is one thing I want to make sure.
Yes, it's about the size.

I'm 31, no children. skinny asian woman.
I chose Large.

It was not so difficult to insert Large cup but I feel that
the LadyCup is still folded in vagina.

I tried to make the LadyCup to open(make a circle around the cup) with my point finger
but still it's folded.
When I removed it, it came out with folded(closed) style...
What do you think, ladies?
I think I should've gotten Small one...
Or small one from another brand?

I would really appreciate if you could leave your opinions.
Thank you.
Tags: lady cup
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