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Success Story with my LadyCup!

So I posted to you all earlier because I was having stem / riding / irritation issues, and then I trimmed the stem, and the world was beautiful.

But I just wanted to post my satisfaction and personal overwhelming glee at having put my cup in, in a public restroom, for the first time! 
I was visiting a friend in DC and knew suddenly my period had come, and though I was luckily wearing a cloth pad, I obsessed over it and whether I should have her wait while I popped into a restaurant bathroom or something, but I was a little terrified, and she suggested I wait till I get home so I could have peace and privacy.

But I was really excited and hyped up by this point and didn't really want to do that, so after we parted ways, I grit my teeth and headed to the local public restroom (took a bit of trouble to find it), and.....OMG! it went in and with NO blood on my fingers (that's a first, too!)  This is the first period that I've used the cup virtually exclusively the whole time...the last two periods I used the cup once or twice to get used to it but was too scared to rely on it the whole time (plus removal's painful).

Anyway, since no one else will understand my joy, I wanted to report back.

(I'm still too scared, though, to actually *change* my cup in a public that would take AGES).

ALSO!  To those people who question cutting off the LadyCup stem entirely...I did it.  And the very base of the stem is very thick, so though people have commented that the base of the cup itself is not reinforced like others, I've found there's no problem with the base of the cup and stemlessness (so I hope that settles that question and relaxes people!).  Unless, of course, you need to grip it.

Also also, I just wanted to note that, while I could get through 1 disposable pad a day--I know that's so unsanitary--or 2 cloth pads a day, suddenly I've found, as others have, my period has gotten SO much heavier this last cycle!  I go from girl who doesn't think she'll be able to make back the money she spent on the cup as quickly as most people, to girl who has to empty it every 4 hours (or less) or it overflows.  Granted, this is the small LadyCup, so it's...small.  Also, putting it in makes my vagina feel tingly, like all day.  It's sort of funny.

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