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The ultimate feel-good-experience. And cute pouches

This is such a great forum. Being a new user, I have been consulting these pages almost daily for the past week. Thanks to everyone for smart tips about the different types of cups (I have a DivaCup and a FemmeCup, and I am insanely in love with both of them), cleaning methods, and all absurdly practical how-to-tips. For instance, how to clean out the holes, and what to do about the UTI-feeling. I feel like a really experienced user now, and I have already converted several of my friends, even though I have just used it this one period. But menstrual cups are not well known where I live (Norway) and I recommend them to everyone I know. I feel a bit like some menstrual geek advocating new and advanced period technology. Still, this has been such a wow-experience, and I just can't stop talking about it. It's brilliant!  In fact, I have felt so intensely happy this past week, I have never known that having my period could feel this great. I know that this is economical, environmentally friendly and all that, but the best part for me is just how it FEELS. I have never, never felt so clean while having my period, and I believe it reduces cramps as well. Wow. This thing is simply the best!

One aspect of my new life as a cup-user, is an intense need to accessorize them, making them stylish and fun. So now to my point: I DO believe I know something which you guys in here don't. I have found the CUTEST pouch at etsy, at seller called lovealittle She sells these lovely triangular pouches, lined, in the cutest fabrics, and I just LOVE mine, I smile every time I look at it. Highly recommended!

Er det noen fra Norge her, forresten?
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