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The Incredible Shifting Cervix: A Diva Cup Story

This is my second cycle using a Diva Cup, and I love it...though I had to get a certain part of my body to agree to this new situation. I figured out something about myself I thought I'd share as it might be useful to all of you...and it's a kinda funny story.

I'll begin by saying I had no idea just how low my cervix can sit, especially during my period. My Divacup was hanging 1/3 of the way out and I had to cover my cervix with it -- if I followed the the directions, the Diva Cup slipped under it. I hadn't encountered this the cycle before, so I was pretty surprised I was having this positioning problem. While having the Diva Cup so low was no painful, it was a little annoying.

I sat on my toilet to reinsert my Diva last night, and I sighed as my cervix was practically using my LABIA as a pillow. This had never happened to me before -- was it the strong suction that was prolapsing me? Did I never notice because I used tampons? I had no idea. When I was not on my period, I didn't recall my cervix sitting so low -- I have a feeling I would have noticed this. Why was it shifted so low now...?

I sighed. I thought to myself: If my cervix moves around this much, it must be pretty flexible. I want it up higher than it is right now, like it normally is. What the hell -- I'll see if I can just...encourage it to go back where it belongs.

Rather than futz with the cup to get a position I liked, I futzed with my cervix. I decided to see if it would shift back up to its usual position. It was there before -- maybe it just needed some help staying there with all the work it was doing during my menses. I gently poked around until I felt my cervix was where it was supposed to be.

And it stayed there. It didn't slide down. This is the weirdest thing ever. I have an elastic cervix. The Incredible Shifting Cervix. The Cervix of Manipulation. The Cervix of Gently-Encouraged Cooperation.

I waited about thirty seconds. It didn't shift back.

I put in my Diva Cup. Perfect fit, everything's where it should be, everything's very comfortable.

Then I went on with my day. I felt triumphant.

Has anyone else here tried to well...shift their cervix around instead of the Cup? I found my cervix to be more forgiving than my Diva. Am I mutant?
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