Mary (sh4des_of_grey) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Smallest cup?

Upon a recent vacation with my younger cousins my 11 year-old cousin, Lexy, became enamored of my Mooncup UK. She is adamant that I buy her a cup, because she finds tampons uncomfortable most of the time, and would still like to have the freedom that internal protection provides. Which cup would be the softest and smallest cup that would be suitable for use by an 11 year old? I have looked at the smaller size lady cup, and I think looks ok... But I don't know about buying one until I am sure. So any advice and comparisons of the brands would be most helpful. I am particularly interested in hearing about the Miacup, LadyCup, and Femmecup, as these are the three I know least about. I am almost certain that a Divacup would be too large.


I don't know how heavy her flow is... though I don't imagine its too heavy, it can't be as heavy as mine was at her age... I think if i gifted her with the small LadyCup and a few cloth pads, we could see from there... Although it is a lot of money to drop on an 11 year old.
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