diana_12345 (diana_12345) wrote in menstrual_cups,

advice, please, on which cup to buy for first-timer

i looked through the archive, but didn't see any advice that addressed my particular combo of needs: any advice would be so greatly appreciated! i'm ready to buy a cup, want to be sure i get the right one for me.

my period is light and lasts only about 24 hours
i am tallish (5 foot 8) and thin
my main concern is that it's comfortable, stays in, and *doesn't leak* (i use organic tampons, and as good as i feel about using organic, they leak a fair bit)
no kids, probably average size vagina

after reading posts, i guess i'm leaning toward ladycup (b/c someone said she did kickboxing with no leaks) and maybe lunette, for their smaller sizes and also comfortable silicone . . .  but i do want to be sure i don't have leaking, so maybe a bigger size? or are cups just better than tampons as far as leakage goes?

please advise, mainly looking for no more leaks and as much comfort as possible - again, my period is a pretty tame affair, lasts only a day, no cramps or heavy bleeding . . .

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