Serena<3. (fabledfaith) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Timer?

Hey, I've been researching a lot on tampons and cups... and to be honest, I just can't find very good information. I stumbled onto this community.. and it was like the heavens opened up to me, lol.
I've tried using tampons for months... but they don't quite seem to work. I've gotten them in once or twice... but they make my cramps worse, and after doing some research, I've found out that the swelling of the tampon inside the vagina irritates the inflamed cervix and does make cramps worse. I would stick with pads, but I'm a fencer, and I can't sit out of competitions just 'cause I'm on my special time of month!
So during my late nights on the web... I discovered the idea of mooncups. I was like, wait, what? They go in you? And they're like.. WHAT? I mean.. I guess you guys aren't surprised with that reaction, lol. I was a bit freaked, to say the least... but now they're starting to appeal to me. (: But... I'm a 15 year old asian (small-framed because ofi t) virgin. I had difficulty getting a tampon in... I'm afraid using a cup will be much worse!

Oh, and also: My mom.. freaked when I even mentioned tampons to her (she's old fashioned... she hates the idea of tampons, but she's not active, like me.) I couldn't even imagine asking her to order a mooncup for me! Do they sell cups in convenience stores or anything?
Tags: age, tampons, where to buy
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