iluvrhos_on_sea (iluvrhos_on_sea) wrote in menstrual_cups,

small teen, heavy flow, which cup?

Hi, I just discovered menstrual cups/cloth pads a couple of days ago. I want to order a cup ASAP, but I'm confused as to what size/cup to buy. I've narrowed it down to the lunette or the lady cup. I am a small teen virgin with a HEAVY flow. The lady cup/lunette appeal to me because their smaller(eaisier to get in i suppose because of my frame?) , but at the same time I have a heavy flow and I don't want to empty it every hour. 

So what should I do? I'm also considering getting the smallest of the big cups, but i'm confused as to which cup that would be because they're slightly different shapes!

I know this post may not make a lot of sense, but please help me if you can! Your advice would be very helpful!
Tags: age, lady cup, lunette, sizes/size issues, virginity
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