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After reading lots of very helpful brand comparison posts, I think I am going to try a large Ladycup. My small Mooncup UK leaks quite a bit, but I love how flexible it is and it always pops open promptly and has good suction. I was concerned with getting a larger one because of increased cramps, so the more squishy Ladycup appeals to me. Seems like it opens and suctions well and has ridges for easy removal. I was a bit concerned as it is longer then the large Mooncup UK, (as seen in kuradi8 most excellent chart posted on 29 April) since my small MCUK sits low and I am worried about it hanging out and rubbing sensitive bits, but then I realized there is not much difference between 1.97" and 2.09"! It is only 5ml more in capacity then the small MCUK and I don't think my leakage issue is due to being over full but a rim width issue. I am also thinking the Ladycup over another MCUK because I feel like the rim really bruises when I remove it and I hope the more sqishiness of the LC will help.
So the question is, where is your fav place to buy a Ladycup to be delivered to East Coast US? I have time so no rush is needed, but cost is a consideration, especially since my MCUK was almost $40.
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