Asha (tenlegspider) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Small Ladycup experience

So, I finally had my period a few days ago, and used the small Ladycup for the first time. This is after using a small Mooncup for over five years.

Going in, my vagina seemed to suck it in the first time! That didn't happen later, when I compared it to the Mooncup. Both cups behaved the same: they went in easily with a finger to guide them. The Ladycup was easier to remove than the Mooncup, it just came out. No need to angle it or anything.

I didn't notice any difference in the effect on my urethra, both cups slow me down a bit when I pee. I had no problems using the little Ladycup even though I'm 24 and sexually active, it stayed in place and didn't leak. I'm a light bleeder though.

I like both cups. The Ladycup has the edge thanks to ease of removal, but as I'm comfortable with the Mooncup the difference is very small. The clear colourless silicone of the Ladycup is more attractive then the Mooncup, but it does mean that I can't see it when I'm in the shower without my glasses!
Tags: brand comparisons, lady cup, mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues
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