norskjente (norskjente) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Lunette!

I've had my small Diva for about a year, and I have never had any major problems with it (minus a few instances of difficulty opening). I realized that it was a bit too long and I've been yearning for a second cup anyway, so I ordered the small Lunette from I just want to say that this store is freaking unbelievable. I ordered my cup on Thursday and I got it today (Monday). I'm in California. They're in Finland. What?!? Plus they sent candy. Great, great, great, company. I recommend them. I just washed and popped in the new cup for a dry run and every thing went perfectly. Popped open easily and the shorter length is more comfortable for me. Yay for new cups!
Tags: lunette, where to buy
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