rembrandtfan (rembrandtfan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ladycup Rocks!

I just had my first cycle with the Ladycup and it's has worked the best for me out of all the cups I've tried.  I had some opening issues during the dry run, and found that if I let it open with the rim just barely inside and then push it up, that works well.   I couldn't push it up during the dry run because I literally was too dry up there, but during my period, the blood provided enough lube so that it went right in.   The only time it leaked was when it was full.   My only gripe is it does ride up on me and removal is a bit messy.   The amount of blood on my hand is enough to keep me from emptying it in a public restroom stall. 

I also noticed when testing it with water, that it leaks through the holes since they are so big.

But overall, I am completely satisfied with the Ladycup.  And it's a good thing.  It's the fourth cup I've tried and I was getting frustrated.  It's much less of a hassle than the other cups since it doesn't leak and I don't have to empty it as often as the Mooncup UK.
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