}¤{ African § Queen }¤{ (xxtsukinohimexx) wrote in menstrual_cups,
}¤{ African § Queen }¤{

lost lunette...need a new one

Hey everyone! I'm in a bind and I'm hoping someone can help me! I moved to Houston, TX from NYC a few days ago and in the process my bag was damaged. I lost some personal belongings, including my dear Lunette. :[
Does anyone know where I can get a menstrual cup in a short period of time (read a week) around here or have one to sell to me. I'm a bit on the small side, so I don't know if Divas will be cool, but if I can get the small size to fit, I'll be so, so happy.
Thanks so much everyone!
EDIT (7/21): I bought a lunette from a seller on here! Thanks so much everyone for your help and your offers! :)
Tags: where to buy

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