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ever so slightly obsessed

Hi all :)

Lately I've been chatting to the various cup companies, which is a bit of a new development. It might be just me, but I get the impression that cups are on the verge of becoming fairly mainstream. I've certainly seen traffic here climb steadily, there's a profusion of new companies and products with a wider variety of choice, and it seems like everyone is doing good business. Mooncup are advertising on the London Underground and terrestrial TV for heaven's sake!

This is really exciting and it's making me fidgety. I've decided to put some more of my time into this than I'm already doing and I have a few projects planned:
  • Turn the menstrual cups website into a really good, thorough, browsable resource

  • Revamp this community's userinfo

  • Sort out discount/affiliate links with all the cup companies

  • Start promoting the website/community

Well, I'm prepared to put the work in, but I also need your input on some of these to help me choose what direction I go in.

Poll #1222051 Moar questions for you

Firstly, how do you feel about companies posting here directly? Assuming they clearly identify themselves as such.

Excellent! I'd love to chat to offer my input on what they're doing and ask them questions.
I'd rather they didn't, this place is more for friends and peers
Not bothered either way.

And what kind of setup would you prefer to arrange with them? 'Both simultaneously' would be ideal of course, but given the choice would you prefer...

Discounts - give community members a good deal
Affiliate links - get some funds that can be poured back into the community, even if it's no cheaper

If by some miracle we actually get money out of this, what would you like me to do with it? Assuming expenses like website hosting are already covered.

Give it away to a worthy and relevant cause (women's shelters, sanitary protection for the third world)
Online advertising and promotion for the community
Real-life advertising e.g. printing stickers to send you guys
Save it for some bigger opportunity in the future

Are you interested in helping in any capacity?

I would totally contribute a spare few bucks if this community had a paypal account (you would be thanked of course!)
I can search out good content from this community's archives to adapt for the website
I can write good copy for the site
I can do incredibly snazzy things with websites (beyond HTML and CSS)
I would definitely sticker loos and things if I had stickers
I'd like to design said stickers
I'm happy to take on occasionally promoting this place on LJ in places like community_promo
I want to make banners!

If you're feeling a general desire to help but none of the above seems like you, then I would like to say... you already are helping. It's absolutely you guys who keep the community the awesome place that it is. Please keep on showing newbies the ropes, starting interesting discussions, and generally making this a fun place to hang out. Without that, this entire post would be pointless. It's appreciated by your mod as well as the posters you help!

Thank you all :)
Tags: activism, admin
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