Pink Cotton Candy (vampiragloom) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Pink Cotton Candy

I only have a problem with the removal, I had read some of the advices given here and tried to follow by them but still haven't succeeded to remove the cup without pain.
In first time insertion the removal was quit quick but it seems like I forgotten how I done this and the removal became now very painful by the end,
I feel like the cup is in size too big, and get nervous from the pain and it only make it more difficult
I tried to bearing but I only feel that it pushes the cup back to the top,
so I get only more and more impatience because I don't have time for this
and then instead of tilting, I push with two fingers the cup out and it's very painful.

I tried to remove the cup as much in letter C but I haven't feel that it helped me in making this process less painful.

Any advice? How much time the removal usually takes?

I'm not frustrated enough to give up and I'm very pleased with using the cup,
I moved to the cup after long time using in tampons so I have still my old habits to insert quick and to remove quick.
Tags: mooncup (uk), removal - painful or problems

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