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Cervix problems...

 Hi, I am new user of a Divacup, I used it only for two periods. I bought my Diva on-line and after is was delivered I did dry test run. I had problem to pop it open, my vagina started to bleed :) - yeah, I tried very hard...

And than I discovered this *thing* inside of me and when I put cup over it, cup just popped open right away – it was my cervix, just veeeeeery low. I had no idea it sits so low, before when I used tampons I really didn't have a need to check where my cervix is.

My Divacup is just to long for me, I tried to turn it inside out and it worked better but still cup is picking outside of my vagina (when I am sitting on a toilette it can be even 1/3 out ). I just ordered large Ladycup, will give it a try. I am just a little worry about cervix being so low, maybe somebody has same problem? I am afraid of prolapsed cervix.. :(

Any suggestion helps, thanks!

Tags: cervix position, divacup, health risks, lady cup
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