sandraivette (sandraivette) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ugh, my DivaCup

After first reading about menstrual cups when researching IUDs on iud_divas here in LJ, I decided that I just simply had to get one to minimize my chances of getting those horrible period cramps I was used to pre-IUD and to be a more responsible person with the environment. I also dug the fact that a one-time purchase would save me tons of $$$ in the long run, and many more trees and cotton plants.  So, I decided to get a DivaCup size 2.  I have a loooooong vaginal canal, so I cannot get my cervix in the cup opening for the life of me (my cervix drops when I'm ovulating, elevates when I'm on my period).  I have leaked more often than contained my fluids every time I've used my DivaCup.  I don't have a problem folding or positioning during insertion nor during removal.  Also, I empty my cup about five to eight times per day, not because it's full, rather because I need to feel clean and wash myself and the cup after every bathroom use, no matter what the reason is.  I don't want to go back to tampons because I immediately get painful cramps while using them.  So, I'm thinking about replacing my DivaCup with another make.  I like the larger size I have now and don't feel any discomfort using my DivaCup, it's just not containing half of my stuff and thus defeats the purpose of being up in there.  Which menstrual cups available in the US can provide better protection against my excessive leakage? 
Tags: leakage & spotting

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