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Nice story. :]

So, I tried the Instead cups for a bit before making the plunge to a Moon Cup. I really didn't like them, but kept them around just in case. Well, I've had my Moon Cup for a few months now and decided to list the Instead cups on CraigsList.

I met the woman and gave her the cups where she explained that, for medical reasons, she couldn't use pads or tampons. Her doctor didn't say a thing about cups! After my post, she talked to her aunt who mentioned that they used to sell cups forever ago! My mother said the same thing--they were around when she was a teen. I mentioned that they're supposed to last ten, fifteen years, so there isn't much of a market.

She left going, "I'm so glad that you mentioned both. I've been researching them! I'm so excited!"

It was really exciting to have such a positive, wonderful response! :D

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