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so happy I want to share it! - Mooncup Diary

Hi everybody! I'm new here!
A few days ago I was reading on this community looking for advice and the perfect cup for me. I got a mooncup UK, by online shop. It arrived fast. I did a dry run to test it. Was ok.

I started my period yesterday, and I'm happy because I'm wearing my mooncup without problems.
I was thinking about making a diary, to control my mooncup routine and issues. I wanted it to be on a paper notebook, but finally I decided to share my diary with the world, because this will help people to know more about menstrual cups.
So if you want to read my mooncup diary - here- you are wellcome! (The site is in spanish languaje, but is very easy to translate it online, I show you how on my first LJ entry)

**Edit: I had finished my first mooncup period, I had to cut the stem a bit, but finally was perfect! yeah!!!!

This community is very helpful, I'm recommending it to my friends! 

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