avant-tarde (silkfetus) wrote in menstrual_cups,

problems with diva, choosing a new cup

i purchased a diva cup a few years ago and used it a few times but eventually got fed up with the difficulty i had with insertion, getting it to pop open, not leak, and sit high enough even after removing the entire stem. since then i've been sticking to cloth pads and occasionally organic cotton tampons. i'm not totally satisfied with either of these and would like to start using a cup again especially since i am going to be traveling this summer, but i just don't think the diva will work for me. so i've been thinking about either getting the moon cup uk or the mia cup. because i had problems with the diva poking out, i want one that is going to be short enough. i know the mooncup uk is shorter than the mia cup but i just wanted to hear peoples' comparisons between those two in any aspect, especially people who have had problems with the diva.
thank you. :)

in case it matters, gynecologists have repeatedly told me that my cervix is very high and far to the left, which i think may have caused the cup to be tilted and jab me on one side. has anyone else had this problem or had it remedied with a specific technique and/or specific cup?
Tags: divacup, miacup, mooncup (uk)
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