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Hello all!
I'm new to live journal, this community, and menstrual cups! I was actually that girl who saw a DivaCup (which I now own) in a "hippie" store and thought  "eww, that's gross." Now after having done my research I've bought, and done a few dry runs with my cup. I'm very irregular so I haven't had a period with her yet but I'm very excited for the real thing. Anyways...that's not why I posted.
     I was skimming through my Human Sexuality book (from school two years ago), when I found a paragraph about cups and Insteads that I though you ladies might want to hear since everyone knows that menstrual alternatives are not widely known. So here goes directly from the book:
     "As an alternative to pads and tampons, there are also three menstrual cups-- called Instead, Keeper, and DivaCup. These are worn inside the vagina and dam the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it. They have to be emptied and replaced two or three times a day. The Instead device is made of soft thermoplastic and is only for one-time use. It is placed deep within the vagina against the cervix, so it permits coitus while it is warn. (It does not unction as a contraceptive, however.) The Keeper, as it's name suggests, is a reusable device--it is made of gum rubber-- and it is therefore cheaper over time (and more environmentally friendly) than tampons or pads. It is placed just a little way into the vagina, so coitus is not possible while wearing it. The DivaCup resembles the Keeper but it made of silicone."
     I live in America so  these are the only brands  that are readily available to us here, which is why none of the others were mentioned in the section. I just thought it was cool flipping through my old text book and seeing a Keeper there!
Hope all is well!

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