yikeswendy (yikeswendy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Don't Be Afraid to Try a Smaller Cup

Hi. I'd like to add my experience in case it might help someone else.  Although I am a petite, small framed person,  I bought the large size Diva Cup (according to the sizing guidelines all the companies are using - I am 48 yo, no children)   and tried it for 3 periods.   I finally had to admit it was just too large both in diameter and length because I had pain on insertion, pain wearing it, intense pressure on my urethra and constant leaking.  I wrote the Diva company and they offered some suggestions to keep trying, but it didn't help.  After researching internet sites which showed size comparisons between all the cups, I decided to go extreme and order what I understand to be the smallest one on the market - the Ladycup size small.  Well, SURPRISE!  No pain on insertion, no pain while wearing.  I was having a few leaks, but thanks to helpful comments on this forum, I figured out how to be leak-free.  Though I didn't really want to have to do this, it works - every time!  After inserting the cup,  I have to insert my finger and run it around the perimeter of the cup a couple of times. Also, thanks to someone posting photos of an actual cervix I was able to picture the anatomy, and figured out that when I was having no leaks, the cup was situated right on my cervix.   If I do this, I have no leaks.  If I don't  - I have leaks.  I hope this helps someone else out there.  In conclusion, I'd like to assert that the sizing guidelines used by all the companies are too broad.  It would be nice if they would brainstorm and come up with a more accurate sizing system so we wouldn't waste $$ on cups that won't fit.
Tags: divacup, lady cup, sizes/size issues
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