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Diva cup if at first you don't succeed try try again!

 I purchased my Diva Cup back in June, where I had the oppertunity to use it immediatly.  Insertion was a piece of cake, but removal!!! not so nice.  I had had enough, so I grabed a box of tampons and said, that maybe next time I would try again.  Well, I am REALLy irregular and I was going on a road trip last week, and I thought  hum?..... If my period does come on time, then I had better be packing for it just in case..... but I reallly wasn't expecting it.  I packed my Diva cup and a few Tampons.. and low and behold... 2 days later, there it was!!!  I have a light flow usually, so I inserted it and left it until the next day at the same time.  It came out like a beauty.  I am now on day 4 with complete success.  I went to the Calgary Stampede, and went on many rides, NO LEAKS!!  

I am completly satisfied with this product this time!!!  
I haven't had a single leak, not even once.  

I am wondering thought, how long is tooo long to leave it in before changing?  

Its such a work out having to remove it that I wait until the shower at night.  That is usually 24 hour wear time.  The cup like like not even 1/4 full so I believe its no biggie.... but is it?

Thanks everyone, feed back is VERY appreciated.
Tags: divacup, insertion

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