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Scans of a medical article on cups, and some concerns....

Hello all!

A long time ago, I promised to scan and post some old medical journal articles I'd found in my grandfather's office on the subject of menstrual cups. So here is the first of them. I think it's very interesting as it talks about how menstrual cups can actually promote healthier conditions than pads as they do not promote bacterial growth, among other things. For those having a hard time convincing their parents to let them get a cup, maybe print this out and let them read it for themselves?

Keep in mind, though, that this is an article from 1962 (from the Obstetrics and Gynecology journal) some of it may feel a bit dated.

"Menstrual Protection: Advantages of the Menstrual Cup"
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Reading it through again, however, did bring up one question/concern I've had (as much as I love my cup). On my last visit to a gyno, she noted that I had a retroverted uterus--which the authors of this article comment at the end may counter-indicate use of a cup (because of the "absence of free space in the upper vagina"). I'd never seen note of this in any cup literature before, but it's left me wondering if that's why I have some trouble with suction with my cup on heavy days/frequent overflow.

Also, more seriously, I was recently diagnosed with a "complex" ovarian cyst of fairly large size (which I'm seeing a specialist about in a couple weeks to see if it needs to be removed surgically/possibly biopsied, or whether we can wait and see if it will resolve on it's own.) I've read that these cysts/endometrioma can cause retroverted uteruses, but I'm also now being paranoid, as I never have had a problem like this before, that somehow my cup usage might be linked to the development of the cyst? I really hope not and maybe I'm being paranoid (let's just say paranoia has been high on my mind since my initial diagnosis). But now I'm wondering if I should continue using my cup at all or not, at least not until I've talked to an ob/gyn about it.

Like I said, paranoia, maybe, but just wondering if anyone else here has had experieces/information about cup usage both with retroverted uterus and/or ovarian cysts...
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