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I've been lurking in here for awhile. Anywho, I just got a Ladycup and did a dry run. A little advice. Eat a meal or have a snack and some water before inserting or taking out your menstrual cup. I have a really bad habit of not eating when I'm hungry (mostly cause I'm too lazy to make anything XD), and as a result I almost fainted about 3 times in the process lol. So like.. yeah drink some water and have something to eat hehe I think i learned my lesson.

Also, the Ladycup is freaking small, smaller than I expected, and it has massive suction. It literally sucked all of my vaginal fluids right out o_O I know you're supposed to break the seal before taking it out, right? Well it was too far up there (probably because my cervix is high right now) so I couldn't get a good grip or anything. Had to pull it out by the stem every time, and even then I had to really go in there. The stem was also smooshier and smoother than I expected, so it was kind of hard to get a grip on it. Bearing down really helped though. I was expecting my cervix to hurt or something from pulling it out without breaking the seal, but I actually didn't feel a thing. Guess cervix's are hardier than I thought :P

The upside is that I didn't really feel anything from the whole experience, not even when the stem was sticking out (probably because of its massive smooshiness). At most I'm a little sore cause i'm really dry down there now lol

Anywho, not so bad for a first experience with a menstrual cup. Maybe I'll post again about it when I actually have my period :P

Oh, and this community is really awesome!
Tags: first time use, lady cup, stem length/trimming
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