curiousillusion (curiousillusion) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First cycle with the Lunette... few questions.

So I'm finally able to try out my Lunette the past few days and so far, so good.  After trimming most of the stem off, we're getting along pretty well.  But I just have a few questions:

1. Does anyone else have a random drip problem?  I know it's not leaking and I've never had the cup even halfway full so I know that's not the problem but - basically, after a few hours, I'll check and it'll be fine, no leaks.  Then, a few hours after that - there's a few drips of blood that have made it onto my liner (or, in the case yesterday, on my panties when the cloth liner moved out of the way, thanks).  I know the cup is open, it's catching stuff, and I wipe to make sure that there's no blood lingering after I insert - plus, the drips happen quite a while after I insert it. Do you guys tend to have to wear backup liners/pads or do you not have this problem?  And if this isn't a normal problem, any idea what I'm doing wrong - it's not a big deal but just a slight annoyance.

2.  I'm not crazy in love with the cup... it feels like it sits low and that's fine, but I get the uncomfortable "I didn't push the tampon far enough in" feeling from it.  I've tried pushing the cup further up but I guess it doesn't want to move.  It's not enough to make me stop using the cup and maybe I'll get used to it... but again, I was wondering if it was just me.

3. Uh, kind of odd but - has anyone had the feeling of air bubbles inside after putting in the cup?  The past two times I've put it in, I've felt that for a while after and I'm wondering what's up with that, lol!

4. As I said earlier, I haven't ever had my cup filled up more than half way.  Actually, not even that much.  I guess my flow is pretty light.  Should I look for a smaller (less long) cup since I don't really need the capacity that the Lunette is giving me, plus then I wouldn't have the problem I mentioned in question number 2?  Or should I just stick with what works for now?

Other than the questions, this cycle has been pretty good and I definitely don't see myself going back to anything other than cups/cloth pads.  Yay!
Tags: first time use, leakage & spotting, lunette

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