aura_lee (aura_lee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

International Diva

I wish I would have thought of asking you guys before 2 days before I leave. lol

I am traveling to Mexico for 6 weeks to study and in Boston for 1 week after that before I come home.  Obviously, I will probably have my period at least once sometime while I am gone.  I have tampons that I was going to bring with me for my period in Mexico, but I was also going to bring my Diva with in case I got it while I was in Boston as well.  However, I would really rather not pack both tampons and a cup.  But I am afraid washing my cup with the water in Mexico might give me something funky.  I know I will be showering in it and all, but that gets wiped off right away, and I am afraid that having a plastic, possibly infected with giardia (sp?), or some other bug, thing inside a huge mucous membrane may cause some problems.  I will be staying with a homestay family, so boiling it in front of everybody is probably not going to fly.

Have any of you traveled to countries where the water was not good for foreigners and used your cup?  Any suggestions, stories, comments would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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