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Decisions(and help) on brands

    So, I found out about menstrual cups earlier today when poking around the internet, and I really want to get one. What I need help with is A) Brand, and B)size(its not as stupid as it sounds after you read after the break. I hope).  Thanks ahead of time!
    I'm still on a very irregular cycle, even when I was on birth control it was hard for me to keep on a cycle(its like my uterus was leading a revolt or something - "I REFUSE to start bleeding, you daft woman!". And man, when I bleed, I BLEED. I use the heavy duty missile sized "Super" tampons from Tampax, and the first 2-3 days I'll bleed clear through one in 3-4 hours. And get those oh so attractive clots. Blech.
    So hearing about something that I wouldn't have to change as much, and where I wouldn't have to deal with a bloody string, I seriously thought it was a huge (and late) April Fools Joke. I went so far as to text my mom about them in excitement.
    Allright, onto  my questions.
    A) Which brand do people reccomend? I was going to go for the DivaCup, because a store has one nearby me, but... I keep hearing things about the MoonCup and other brands. I don't worry about the cost or anything, cause I get the feeling that I could easily talk my mom into getting one for my younger teen sister as well - combine the shipping cost and all. Even if I did get it on my own, I do have a debit card, and I usually get 2 boxes of tampons at a time, so it would be almost like getting that.
    B) Which size should I go for? Now, before you chew me out for that, I KNOW  they reccomend the smaller size for women under 30 years. Being 21, I can do the math and figure out that I should go for the smaller size. BUT... I have hips. Oh man, do I have hips - the kind that are a size bigger than the right pant size. While I'm not overweight, I'm not a skinny stick figure - I'm 5'2", 170lbs, and a size 9 pants(or is that overweight?). Also, keep in mind that I can easily use the missile sized tampons - I've passed them onto girlfriends that need a tampon and they hand them right back saying that they are too big. With that in mind, are there any really wide hipped women who need to use the larger size just for that? Or does it purely depend on the childbearing thing?

Boytoy: Are you STILL looking up that stuff?
Me: Yes. Guess what?! There are different brands and everything!
Boytoy: .... I'll be over here if you need me.

EDIT: Thank you all so much for your help! I've decided to for either Lunette, Mooncup(uk), or Moon Cup(US) in the larger size. I might end up getting all three and playing around with them ("LOOK! STRANGE DEFORMED EYECOVERS!"). I would be INCREDIBLY lost without all of your help - I lack female friends to talk about any of this stuff about, so its really quite liberating for me. Mucho props to newlydiva who made me laugh hysterically(I honestly believe that cramps are simply my uterus and ovaries starting their revolt), and kisekileia for asking the questions that needed to be asked.

I will let y'all know which works best for me in... a month or two. Or whenever my period strikes. Sometime in the near distant future.

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