devil_blondit (devil_blondit) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Potential future cup user needs help.

I also go onto {to get the cup word out},
and there's a gal on there who wants to get a divacup. The only problem is, no one stocks divacups in her area.
And her parents don't have credit or debit buying it online is out of the question.
Any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe someone would accept a cash offer for their divacup {model 1}?
But I'm not sure how that would affect her.
In the beginning she was totally grossed out by the idea of a menstrual cup, but after all the positive feedback on cups she's decided to get one...
so if you have any different suggestions, that would help a ton.
Also, I don't think a different cup would be the option...unless the given option above.
But I think she's stuck on with a divacup model one.
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