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MORE cramps?

OK, so thanks to you guys from posting the alternate folds post... the 7 fold is fantastic! I have another question now. Everyone I've talked to has been really shocked to hear that I've actually had MORE menstrual cramps than usual this period with the cup. It's my first time (first cycle) using the cup, so it may be just a fluke that I'm having more cramps... but I can't remember a time that I've had cramps all the way til the end of my cycle. Usually it's one day or two days at the absolute max. This time, it has been every day... very constant. Not as painful as the first day, but still very noticeable. It feels exactly like period cramps, and not just vaginal soreness... so I don't think it's me putting it in or taking it out wrong.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm still willing to stick with the cup even with more cramps just because the waste associated with other products is way too big!
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