dandelion wine (amyakieran) wrote in menstrual_cups,
dandelion wine

discolored mooncup uk

Hello wonderful ladies!! I just recieved my Mooncup UK in the mail today, and my first reaction was, whoa, this seems a little discolored, but maybe I'm in the wrong light to be percieving it. After getting it home and comparing it to my Divacup, which I've only used once, it is noticably yellower... Is this normal? I also noticed that the tags in the carrying case were cut!!! Now I'm severely concerned that they sent me a used one... Is that even possible? YIKES! HELP! :(

Thanks in advance!

Much to my relief, I was able to find the answers to my questions !!!! Thank you so much princessy and especially katrina_splat for your help!!! You gals are great!
Tags: mooncup (uk)

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