Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

To Stem or Not to Stem?

Does the stem "anchor" a cup in place?  How great a role does (or doesn't) the stem play in keeping the cup positioned properly?

Especially if one is active?  As I've said before, my "other" job involves a lot of walking, bending, picking up, squatting, straddling, sitting in a splayed position, on and off the bike a dozen or more times, etc.  Gotta wait for breaks to dash to the porta-potty so leakage would be BAAAD!

I've been Jonesin' for a UK Mooncup and have been offered a 2nd hand one -- but the stem has been cut off.  It won't be a bargain if the lack of stem makes it unsuitable.

Just how important is that stem to a cup's stability to someone who does probably 300 touch-my-toes in a 5-hour shift?

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