Jen (atarisemochick) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I've decided to get some lunapad liners for Diva backup. I usually don't have leakage, but I've noticed I do get a little first thing in the morning right after I put my Diva back in after the nighttime.

I thought Lunapads carried thong panty liners? I swear I remember seeing them. Was I dreaming it? Someone please let me know of another company that would carry them, as I really hate wasting the disposable ones!


Thanks to everyone. On your advice, I went to the cloth pads community and they pointed me to ETSY... which is rediculous to think that I didn't go there first, as I shop there all the time.

Anyway, I fould two thong pads for only 5 bucks! The maker said she was posting more next week. If anyone wants the seller ID, I can give it to you :)
Tags: divacup, pads - cloth
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