incensedstar (incensedstar) wrote in menstrual_cups,

issues with divacup

so i just bought a diva cup yesterday. i was really excited about it and tried it out, but i'm having several issues with it and haven't found any info about it in the memories so...hopefully someone can help me out.

i read in the instructions that the diva cup should be in no more than 1/2 an inch into the vag, and that my muscles should hold it in so it doesn't go up anymore than that. when i insert it, it feels fine and rests there. however, as the day goes by, it goes further and further in and it makes me feel as if it's going to leak (although it hasn't yet). it's also really hard for me to find it when i want to take it out. i have to like, reach in and find it and it's slippery and awkward. i'm really self-conscious and am constantly trying to re-adjust it so it rides lower, which is a problem because i'm used to tampons where i can just insert and forget about it for 8 hours. i have to move my diva cup to a lower position at least once an hour because im afraid of losing it in my vag and being unable to take it out entirely!!

since it keeps slipping upwards, i keep thinking that the size is too small for me and that i should go a size up. HOWEVER, i'm 22 years old, have NEVER had a child, and im considerably tight. i refuse to believe that my vagina is so large. did anyone else have this problem? my real question is - how problematic is it that it keeps slipping up and that it's further up my vagina than it should be? is it going to leak if it's up there? (that's what i'm most afraid of, obviously) should i just ignore it until it's time to take it out and then try and find it, or should i continue trying to adjust it like i am currently? im sure it's not good to be playing with it as much as i am...

basically im just getting discouraged :( any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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