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Folding methods

I just bought a Diva Cup this cycle and I've been using it for a few days and it's alright, but I find getting it to pop open ridiculously difficult. What I end up doing is inserting it, pulling it out a little until it pops and then pushing it back in (which is difficult, let me tell you!) Even though I know it has popped open, I can't ever get it to twist, but it hasn't leaked or anything (and I've got a very heavy flow (it's nearly full each time I empty it, and that's 3 times a day!))

Anyway, I remember a post on a livejournal community about diva cups or just menstrual cups in general that had several different folding methods (with pictures), but I never saved it because I wasn't using a cup at the time and I never thought I would use a cup!

If anyone know what I'm talking about, could you please provide the link? Thanks so much!

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