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The miacup post

Vital stats:

Website: http://www.miacup.co.za/
Manufactured in: South Africa
International shipping: Currently free
Price direct from seller: approx $50 USD (will vary with exchange rates)
Material: Silicone, pink/purple
Sizes: model 1, recommended for women under 30 or who have not given birth, model size 2, recommended for women over 30 or who have given birth
Rim: not very thick or tall (very like the Lunette's)
Holes: four, small (could be widened with a pin I'm sure)
Stem: flat, with grips
Branding: Miacup logo raised on inside of rim, no text

Obsessive measurements:

These are my own measurements. For the manufacturer's details, see their website.

Size 1 ('For women under 30 years of age who have also never given birth vaginally.')
Measuring lines: none
Vol until ridge: 20 ml
Vol until holes: 25 ml
Vol until rim: starts overflowing at 35 ml
Diameter: 4.4 cm
Height including stem: 7.2cm
Height of cup itself: 5.5cm

Size 2
I'm a complete idiot and didn't think to order both sizes. I'll ask them, measurements maybe coming later if they want to give me another. *facepalm* Sorry guys.

The packaging

Since it's noteworthy! They're clearly putting a lot of effort into this.

My order came in a white box, tied with string and a wax seal with their logo. And an invoice that looked like a greeting card.

The box contained:

  • An 'Important - read first' slip of paper about how to clean the cup before first use

  • Two 5% off vouchers for miacup.co.za (ping me if you want the codes)

  • A one page leaflet called 'What is it and why is it better' (a nice quick introduction if the recipient needs informing/persuading)

  • A 30 page booklet with a detailed FAQ. I haven't read it thoroughly from beginning to end yet, but from what I've seen it's well written and informative, everything from how to insert to concerns about looseness. There are even some academic looking citations that I plan on chasing up because some look interesting.

Incidentally, they quote that ten thousand million tampons are disposed of yearly in the US alone (sanitary pads not included). Scary stuff eh!

Everything is printed in colour and on good quality, recycled paper. It's all very nicely done although I wonder how it'll compete with the higher price.

The box it came in

Box contents

All the paperwork ;)

The bag

Bag detail

Tadaaa the cup

The rim

The stem

The logo on the inside of the rim

And a couple more, just because I took them

So what do you guys think? :)
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