The Endless Womb (quixoticgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,
The Endless Womb

okay sorry

sorry to post again, but now i have tried my divacup and i can now compare what i like and don't like about my cups.

my mooncup uk is firmer, so i can push it up inside of me by the stem til it hits the right spot so it doesn't come out. the divacup is softer and the stem just pushes into the cup if i try the same thing.

the mooncup is shorter and sits higher, so i can forget about it and not feel it pretty quickly. the divacup is longer and sits lower and i end up being aware of it for a long time.

but the divacup pops open pretty easily, and it does hold more than the mooncup uk, so i am happy to say it makes itself valuable on those two points.

now, i was wondering about those of you who have tried the lunette and the lady cup (which apparently hold the most liquid). if you have tried those, in addition to the mooncup UK and the divacup, which is softer? because i like the firmer silicone of the MUK over the softer diva and i would like to buy the lunette or the lady cup only if they are firm like the MUK. makes sense, i hope? so i need some input on the feel of these cups. i don't like the squishiness of the diva.

thanks ladies!:)
Tags: brand comparisons

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