The Endless Womb (quixoticgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,
The Endless Womb


i looked around and i'm concerned that my mooncup UK might not cut it for my big heavy days. like sand-bagging-my-underwear-Psycho-shower-scene-shark-bait-Moses-parting-the-red-sea days.

so is it official that the divacup holds more than the mooncup uk?

i haven't really had a period since breastfeeding my daughter (who is 8 1/2 months old) and getting my paragard inserted. so these are big doozy periods. and i have a large mooncup UK and a large divacup. i haven't tried my divacup yet but the comparison chart said it holds more, so maybe i'll have to put my precious mooncup away til the deluge lightens up a bit.

which cups hold the most, in your opinion, anyway?

cuz this is ridiculous. i can't leave the house for fear of leaking (like i did last night, through a cup and a big overnight PUL lined cloth pad). pssh!

edit to add: thanks for helping me:) i trimmed off half of the divacup's stem and popped it in. so far i don't like it as much because it's softer, so i can't push it up by the bottom of the stem like i can with my MUK. it rides low enough for me to be constantly aware of it, and even when i try to push it up further, i can't because it's so soft. i guess i could jiggle it up there more, but i've already been caught red-handed after insertion and removal a few times today. i just don't wanna mess with it anymore, so i'm kind of just trying to ignore it. the good news is, my period seems to be lightening up a little so it's not quite so dramatic down there. less biblical proportions and more normal proportions.

BUT since my birthday is coming up, maybe i will treat myself to a lunette or a lady cup for my birthday;)

<3 becky

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